Principal Message



Principal, Bathinda

As on date I stand upon the threshold of a long, bright and secure future of Mount Litera Zee School Bathinda School. From this platform I wish to welcome all the students and their parents assuring them of good quality education with international standards. My confidence in my highly educated and experienced staff at all the levels makes me say so.

Our school has leapt into the future with the promise of providing a foundation on which the students of today will prepare to meet the challenges of a complex and ever changing world of tomorrow.

We endeavor to provide quality education to our students. Quality education involves use of Smart classes, Information Technology, the media and Cyberspace. We have developed a conceptual framework of quality education for the 21st century. Our school is playing a leading role in imparting education conforming to the need of the day. Computer literacy has become the prerequisite for breaking the “shackles” of conventional education. To meet this requisition, we have installed Digital Computer La

Our curriculum offers a wide mixture of educational, cultural, physical and recreational experiences to develop the students' capacity to think, write and express them creatively. Above all the school ventures to give students a sound value based education and inculcates in them confidence, self-reliance and the spirit of sportsmanship.

We wish to assure the present and would be parents of the school that the future of their children, irrespective of the age and class they are in, is secure with us. The corner stone of our functioning is in the maxim that love begets love and faith begets faith

We all march on hand-in-hand to achieve the final goal of excellence in the day-to-day performance of every child, without allowing the shadow of our sacrifices to fall upon them.

We look forward to your unstinted support for the success of these ventures and help to make our vision a reality.



MA. B.Ed.